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Debra LaPorte Communications has placed the following articles and TV shows:
New Hampshire Home
New Hampshire Home, "A Complicated Renovation," September/October 2016
New Hampshire Home, "A Retreat for Skiers," Cover & Feature, January/February 2016
New Hampshire Home, "An Extraordinary Home for an Extraordinary Site," Fall 2011
New Old House
New Old House, "Garden Glories," May 2015 Cover and feature article
Northshore Home
Northshore Home, "New Home, Full Circle," Cover & Feature, Spring 2018
Northshore Home, "Updated Classic," Spring 2018
Northshore Home, "Tastemaker, Barbara Elza Hirsch," Spring 2018
Northshore Home, "Functional Flair, Dowel Furniture," Spring 2018
Northshore Home, "Made to Fit," Spring 2018
Northshore Home, "Perfect Balance," Summer 2017
Northshore Home, "Swampscott Home with A View," Spring 2017
Northshore Home, "Historic Style and Design," Spring 2016
Northshore Home, "Sea Bath," Spring 2016, pages 59-62
Northshore Home, "Shingle by the Sea," Spring 2016, pages 100-106
Northshore Home, "Personal Touch," Fall 2015, pages 66-70
Northshore Magazine
Northshore Magazine, "Setting Things Right," October 2014, pages 181-188
Northshore Magazine, "Coastal Cottage," October 2014, pages 194-201
Northshore Magazine, "English Roots," October 2014, pages 169-174
Northshore Magazine, "Home Court," December 2013
Northshore Magazine, "Growing Home," September 2013
Northshore Magazine, "Boarding House," July/August 2012
Northshore Magazine, "High Pride," March/April 2012
Ocean Home Magazine
Ocean Home, "Nantucket by Design," June/July 2012
Ocean Home, "Dennis Duffy Brings Boston Design to Maine," November/December 2011
Period Homes Magazine
Period Homes, "Talk of the Town," November 2014
Period Homes, "Lakeside Getaway," September 2014
Period Homes, "Time and Space," November 2011
Rooms, "Artistic Venture," and "Personality Piece," Spring 2016
Rooms, "Global Pursuits," Spring 2016
Rooms, "Balancing Acts," Spring 2016
Rooms, "Bedtime Reads," Spring 2016
Rooms, "Well Aged," Spring 2016
Seaside Style
Seaside Style, "Semi Formal," Summer 2015
Seaside Style, "The Quintessence of Vineyard Style," Fall 2015
Seaside Style, "Well Done," Fall 2015
South Shore Living
South Shore Living, "All Things Bright and Beautiful," May 2015
Southern New England Home
Southern New England Home, "Fab Finds, Bois et Couleur Collection," Fall 2017, pages 20-21
Southern New England Home, "Old-World Attitude," Fall 2017, pages 48-53
Southern New England Home, "Coast Conscious," Fall 2017, pages 54-60
This Old House
This Old House, "Vintage Cottage, Timeless Appearl," Cover and Feature Article, July 2013
Trends, "Cape Cod Character," Volume 27 No. 6
Trends Bathroom
Trends Bathroom, "Victorian Charm," Volume 30 No. 5
Trends Bathroom, "Every Picture Tells A Story, A Grand Bathroom Remodel," Volume 29 No. 4
Trends Kitchen
Trends Kitchen, "Grace and Balance," Volume 3003
Trends Kitchen, "New Lease of Life," Volume 3003
Trends Kitchen, "Country Life to Country Air," Volume 3003
Trends Kitchen, Cover Feature, "Petite Charms," Vol. 29, No. 9
Trends Kitchen, Cover Feature, "Time After Time," Fall 2012, Volume 2898
Trends Kitchen, "CountryFare," Vol. 26 No. 10
Trends Kitchen, "Character Study," Vol. 26 No. 7
Trends Kitchen, "Bakers Dozen," Vol. 27 No. 2
Vintage Style
Vintage Style, "A Piece of Old Paris," Summer 2016
Wellesley Weston Magazine
Wellesley Weston Magazine, "Escape to the Master Bathroom," Spring 2013, Page 37
Wellesley Weston Magazine, "Take the Plunge, Pools and Cabanas Provide Stay-at-Home Vacations," Summer 2013, Page 46
NECN New England Dream House TV Shows
A Real Find: Jacob Kulin
A Real Find: Picking an Antique Rug
Eco Friendly Home, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Plum Island Home, Plum Island, Massachusetts
North Shore Dream House, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Harvard House, Harvard, Massachusetts
Osterville Family Home
A Real Find - Carrie Gustafson - Glass artist - work featured at D SCALE
Salem Condo, Salem, Massachusetts
Designer Dennis Duffy's Dream House - Residence at the Intercontinental, Boston, Massachusetts
New England Dream House to the Rescue
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